Pets play a big role in our lives and they should be loved and cherished. Pet owners are filled with so much joy from all their rendezvous with their adorable pets and even regard them as their 'darling daughter' or 'son'! So do we. This blog is all about our darling little paws; Gabrielle, Isabelle, Hercules, Alexander, Victoria The 2nd,Napoleon, Ms. Constantine, Jerry and the late Sidney, Troy and Victoria The 1st...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Caught in the Act

Well, what should I put here? Let me see.. Aha! Something that is really interesting I guess.. Hehehe.. Want to look at photos of the kids sleeping? Well.. Here are some of it.. It makes me smile lookig at them.. Well.. Enjoy..

Gabby & Alexander in action

Troy & Hercules in action

Isabelle & Sidney in action

By: Ayah from his blog

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gabbeyonce Knowles

Slim Gabby then - a month after adoption

The real 'Beyonce' - left and 'Gabbeyonce' now - only 3 months after adoption

Better Illustration of Gabbeyonce's BIG Booty!

Size-wise, she's no longer Gabrielle Solis (although grooming-wise she still is) Look at how our daughter has grown... her booty lah! Compare the before an after picture and then look at Beyonce Knowles's picture... any similarities?

Abah & Ayah

Troy Exposed!

The photo tells it all. Ayah captured this photo using his handphone a couple of days ago. I wonder what Troy was thinking about? Hahahaha what's for sure is, my little boy is now a MAN! Heheheh

p/s Hint: Troy was earlier playing with Gabby... incest betul budak ni!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Alexander Howie Benchwarmers

Alexander, another hero in the family was adopted from PAWS on 18th August 2006. We were on our weekly voluntarily visit to PAWS to spend time with the cats when Ayah saw Alexander, a cute, adorable looking male kitten (somehow he looks like a female but appearance can be deceiving).

I know why Ayah fell in love with this kitten of 4 months - he has Gabby's resemblance and is a long haired too. We decided to take Alexander home but did not bring a carrier with us. We paid RM50 for him and RM10 for a cardboard carrier (ah ha! We'll have a carrier always ready in our car trunk after this, so bringing home a new cat wouldn't be a problem anymore). Finally! After weeks of visiting and spending time at PAWS, we have a cat that we finally really would love to bring home.

We observe that the adoption procedure at PAWS is much organised (cheaper, and the hand over is proper - proper handing over of vaccination, deworming and frontlining documentation and proper briefing of adoption procedures and what nots) We were also advised to buy a packet of Eagle cat food from them so that it would be easy for Alenxander to switch to Iams.

Alexander's first day was a very adventurous day - We brought him back to the office until 6 and we went on another car ride to uncle Roy's house to visit Sunday, Totti and Maniche but before that Alexander went to Pets Wonderland Subang Jaya with us. After about 2 hours stuck in the traffic jam along Federal Highway, restless Alexander who sat on Abah's lap along the way arrived at Gombak.

Alexander was really confused as I guess he thought Roy's house was his. He was sniffing around and looking for a spot to sleep. Alexander was then brought for another car ride at about 10pm back home. At home he met curious Hercules and Troy. The two brothers were happy to see yet another sibling brought in but Alexander was really afraid. He was hissing all night and ended up sleeping under the sofa where both Hercules and Troy couldn't reach him.

On his second day at home, Alexander spent the night in Abah's room - I was trying to help him familiarize with the room first before letting him venture the whole house and make friends with the other 4 children of ours. It turned out good as the third day Alexander had begun to adapt himself with the new home and new siblings.

What caught my attention most was on his first two days where, like Howie in the Benchwarmers, Alexander ran as though somebody was chasing him each time he wanted to use the litter pan or feed himself. he litterally ran like Howie eventhough the other cats were not on his tail.

Now Alexander and Hercules are best buddies. Quite surprising Hercules could turn out to be a responsible borther like Troy has been with him. Thank you boys for accepting your new brother. To Alexander, we hope you love your new home. Welcome son!

Abah & Ayah

More photos of Alxander HERE.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Like, I Want but I Can't III...

Isn't she just adorable? Besides the nice two colors, she's really sweet. This female darling has been in the PAWS for about a month now. She's lovely and I kinda like the color; grey and blond. I am just not sure whether having another adult female in the house would be a good decision. My two visits to PAWS on the 4th and 18th have left me heart broken for not being able to take her home. I wanted to but i didn't know why it didn't happen spontaneouly on my two visits like i did with my other children. I always ended up liking other cats more than her but seeing her coming to me whenever I visit her makes my heart melt.

Perhaps on my next visit, if you're still there, I'm taking you home finally... but now I have to start thinking of a name for another daughter! Yikes!


More pictures of the darling HERE and HERE.

Alexander: The New Member in the Family

Wow.. So long since i last wrote. Hehehe.. Kinda have nothing much to say though.. A lot happened.. I lost my favorite cat.. Got more cats.. Hehehe.. Kinda attached to having lots of cats in the house.. Seing them running around.. Playing with each other.. It makes me happy..

So, where should i start.. Hmm.. Well, the biggest thing is that Sidney left us for good. I still felt his presence until today. Everytime I think about him, feel like crying. But can't stop it from happening. I did cried once when looking at his photos. R.I.P Sidney. I miss you..

So, now I have 5 cats in the house. Gabrielle, Isabelle, Troy, Hercules and the latest addition, Alexander. Adopted last friday from PAWS, at first he was a little scared. Maybe because of the change of environment. Took him home and as expected, Troy and Hercules comes barging in to meet the new kid. Alexander spent the first night under the sofa. Maybe he's scared. Troy is a bit harsh on him. However, Hercules shows signs of a good brother. He and Alexander get along well. They even run around and play together. I guess it runs in the family. When Hercules came, Troy acted the same way.

Gabrielle got a new nickname. 'Gabbeyonce'.. Why? Well, abah thinks that her butt is so big like Beyonce Knowles. Hahahaha.. Kinda true though.. Well, got some photos of them here. Only lately they spent most of the time sleeping. Resting during the day and running around the house at night. Isabelle as usual, will spend her day sleeping on the bed and eat whenever she's hungry. Not seen her running around the house with the others though. But, maybe she's like that. Anti-social. Hehehehe.. All of them are the greatest. They're the joy of my life...
Gab'Beyonce', Troy doing his 'thingy' & Super-shy Isabelle

Hercules napping & The new guy: Alexander

Well, my daily routine will be work, work, work. But looking forward to be home early to be with the kids.. Every friday, it's PAWS visiting time. And on saturday, if time allows, we will go to Plaza Damas at Sri Hartamas to look at the IPR activity where they give away cats for adoption. One thing I can say, I'm hooked on cats..

By: Ayah from his blog

Monday, August 21, 2006

Journal of the Palm Garden Babies

The Palm Garden Kitties Journal – First Rescue Attempt

Day 1 - August 14, 2006
Today we were assigned and tested (by GOD) to take the ultimate challenge in raising and nurturing kittens using our bare, human hands.

Three kittens were rescued from Palm Garden Apartments in Bandar Baru Klang. Our colleague Azhari informed us about three abandoned, thus orphaned kittens found nearby the staircase of the apartments.

Observation 2:00pm - The kittens are 2 days old – the umbilical cord were detached by Azhari – thank you. The noisy kittens were placed in our office waiting to be taken home. Amir and I are seriously thinking on how to make sure the kittens survive. The kittens had their first car ride from Palm Gardens to our office in the same town, Bandar Baru Klang.

Observation 5:24pm – Two kittens (black white) and (greenish white) are noisy and active while the black one is a little quiet and inactive.

Observation 6:30pm – The kittens are on their second car ride on the same day. Now, only the greenish white is noisy while the other two slept along the way.

Cleaning 8:00pm – The kittens were cleaned using cotton wet with warm water. They were also simulated to wee wee – these have to be done manually because of the absence of the mother. They were fed with cat’s milk and fell asleep soon after that. We were hoping for Gabby to take part in nurturing the kittens but she seemed not ready to welcome the kittens. She was curious but hissed when near them.

Feeding 11:30pm – Only one (again the greenish white) was awake and making so much noise. We fed her and she dozed off right after. The greenish white kitten started to wake at 12:30am onwards at an interval of 30 minutes, each time wanted to be fed. Surprisingly Troy was the one who first gave attention to the kittens. He licked and played with the kids. In the end Troy’s sleep too were disturbed.

Day 2 – August 15, 2006
A massive headache struck Abah today for not sleeping well. The greenish white kitty demanded attention every 30 minutes last night making so much noise. I bet our neighbors didn’t sleep well too. Troy had been helpful with calming the green white kitty in the early of the morning. At one point he was ‘looking after’ the babies!

Ayah woke up early to prepare today’s meal and fed the kitties. They were again simulated to wee wee by rubbing their genitals with warm wet cotton.

To work 9:15am Another car ride for the poor kittens. We have to bring them along to the office at least for a month as they need to be fed every 3 – 4 hours and it is not safe to leave them unattended at home.

Feeding 11:00am – The kittens were fed and they dozed off to sleep right after. The carrier was placed under Ayah’s table to avoid direct blow of the air cond.

Feeding 3:30pm – The kittens were fed and they dozed off to sleep again. They were very active and crawled all over Abah.

Feeding 6:30pm – Before starting the journey home, Abah fed the kittens so they won’t be hungry in the journey. Another car ride babies! We left right after feeding them and arrived home just giving enough time for us to run some chores; feeding the rest of the cats and cooking dinner.

Feeding 11:00pm – Again the kittens were simulated to wee wee before feeding them again. It’s a tedious job taking care of new born kittens – risky too since they were so small in size. Sometimes I felt clumsy holding them. Once fed, they were put to sleep and today they have to sleep in the hall with the rest of the cats because these kitties made too much noise the night before. See you guys at 3:00 am!

Day 3 – 16 August 2006

Feeding 3:00am – Abah woke up feeling groggy. Started to wonder how in the world could mothers (human mothers) keep doing this (waking up in the middle of the night, babies crying all the time) for months or maybe a year or more! Whatever it is it is my intention to help these kids, and they will have the best attention a human could give.

Feeding 7:00am – Woke up feeling feverish. Decided to take the day off and spend time with my kids and the kitties. Ayah too decided to stay home. Fed the kitties and helped them wee wee again. Saw stool in the carrier where they slept – a bit dark – nothing the colour of mustard like the Internet described them to be.

Feeding 11:00am – We planned to go grocery shopping later on but the babies are our priorities – fed them first before we left. Getting a fresh pack of kitten milk replacer for the kids.

Feeding 4:00pm – We came back from grocery shopping a little late than planned. Straightaway fed the kids. All kittens were as active as ever but since yesterday they would doze off right after feeding them. Part of the routine is to burp them – just like a human baby had to be burped after a meal. (well, read somewhere on the Internet that this is compulsory – although felt foolish burping a little tiny kitten – ended up stroking their back instead)

Feeding & observation 8:00pm till late – I realize that the kitties would consume a bottle full of milk in a day – that’s a satisfying progress, I guess. Always think that I’m doing and trying my best to give the best to these guys. The kittens slept in the hall with the rest of the children again tonight.

Day 4 – 17 August 2006

Feeding 3:00am - Ayah woke up to watch football at 3 so he fed the kittens.

Feeding 7:00am – One of the kittens (the black and white one) looked rather weak. Ayah said all of them were ok when fed at 3:00 this morning. The other two were feeding well and very active. Felt a bit worried because the black and white one really looked weak.

Observation 10:00am – Checked on the babies before going into the office and the black and white kitten wasn’t progressing any better. He was still weak and breathing rather slowly. Oh no! Please don’t die on me.

Feeding 12:00pm – The black and white kitten was gone. By the time I checked on them to feed them, he was out cold. I felt really sad. I prayed that the other two would survive but the white and green (the noisiest on the first nite at home) was now as weak as the black and white was. My God, what have I done – I know that without the first few milks from the mother, without Colostum, as I read on the Internet, these babies would not survive. But only yesterday they were strong. Don’t give up on me kids…

Observation 2:00pm – The white and green kitten was getting weaker and weaker. At 11:00am feeding he did not drink much. The black one looked strong, I hoped for him to survive as he was my favourite. He reminded me of the late Sidney. I whispered into his ears to stay strong and healthy. If I could’t have all three, one would make me very happy. At least when I look at him later on, I will be reminded of this great experience with the Palm Garden Babies.

Feeding: 4:30pm – The white and green kitten was gone too. I felt really sad. It was somehow like I’ve gone through one great failure in life. Now there was only one more kitten left for me to feed. Fed him and really hoped this black one would survive.

Observation 6:00pm – I checked on the black one but unfortunately he had become weak too. My hopes shattered and I didn’t know what else to do. I stayed at the office while Ayah went for his game of futsal. I wrapped him up in cotton to help keep him warm. Still putting a little hope for his survivial.

Feeding 8:00pm – The black one refuse to be fed. He looked really weak. We had to leave to fetch Ayah from the futsal arena.

Home 10:00pm – My favourite black kitten left us forever. I’m really sorry the three of you couldn’t stay long in this world. I am sorry I couldn’t be the one to take care of you like I am taking care of Gabby, Isabelle, Troy and Hercules. I am sorry that you haven’t had the chance even to open your eyes and see the world. I am sorry little Palm Garden Babies. I hope you’re resting well in heaven and like Ayah’s words of comfort – they’re with Sid. I hope Sid takes care of you up there… I really hope so…

Abah & Ayah

Pictures of the Palm Garden Babies HERE.

Roy's Daughter and Grandchildren

Roy, my bestest of friends became a grandfather more than a month ago. His daughter 'Sunday' gave birth to acouple of very cute and adorable Totti and Maniche, a female and a male persian. Both are now about a month and a half and are very playful. They're always under the watchful eyes of first time mother, Sunday.

When I last saw Sunday a few months ago she was still a baby and when i visited Roy last Friday, she has surprising grown!

To Roy, congratulations!

More pictures of Sunday, Totti and Manice HERE.

Troy on 3R

Troy's Episode on 3R was aired on Sunday 20th August at 7:30 pm! In the episode 'Meow! Meow! Woof! Woof!" Troy appeared in the first 5 minutes of the show where Abah adopted him from Karen Bahrin, one of IPRs volunteers. Way to go Troy! Dah jadi celebrity dah... ahahahah
p/s the shooting was done 2 months ago when Troy was still a baby - he was 1.1Kg then, now he's a big and muscular 3.3Kgs at the age of 5 months. That's my baby!

Abah & Ayah

Friday, August 04, 2006

We Miss You Dear Sid

Ayah was a bit down when he was suddenly reminded of Sid. How fast time had flew. A month has gone since Sid left us.

I understand why Ayah was suddenly feeling sad. Earlier he wrote a thank you letter to SPCA for the effort put in rescuing and fostering before the animals are being adopted by new owners, of which, two of our lovely children came from; Sidney and Gabby. As a matter of fact the late Victoria (whom i had not the chance to introduce here) was adopted from SPCA and had died because of FeLV (Feline Leukimia) too.

Indeed, Sidney remains the most special kid we've ever had. It was really different with Sid compared to any other children we've had. Sidney was emotionally attached to us. He was a part of us, of our existence. Sid could understand our feelings well. He could feel what we felt.

If ever we could live a day with Sid again, we would cherish that moment and freeze the time so that it wouldn't and couldn't end. Unfortunately those are just hopes because in reality Sid had left us, forever.

To Sid, no matter how long it was the last time we saw you, your face and presence will remain fresh in our hearts and will be forever felt.

Abah & Ayah

Hercules & Isabelle's First Day... At Home

A month has passed since Hercules and Isabelle were adopted from the IPRs. Looking at the photos of their first day at home, I wonder what they were thinking about when they first arrived. Hercules looked scared. Isabelle shedding like nobody's business. Gabby curious to see newbies invading her territories and Troy excited seeing a new bro in the house - meaning he has someone less his size to bully!

We are very fortunate that the kids could easily get along well. There were no need for behaviorial adjustments, just some time to adjust themselves with each other.

A month now, Hercules and Troy are best of friends - the fact that they came from the same foster, Sherrina, made their reunion a spark to a closer rapport.

Gabby too could accept Hercules well. She is always seen licking and grooming Hercules, like she has always done the same to Troy and to the late Sidney.

Troy has grown to be a very responsible brother. He too is always seen grooming Hercules. Our conclusion is, animals, if they grow in a loving environment (like Gabby with Troy) no matter what their gender is, they will end up being loving as well. Wish human beings could be the same.

Isabelle is a bit quiet. She seeks attention in her very own special ways. She has taken over Sid's bed and is loving the place. Isabelle isn't really the socializing type. She has gradually accepted the fact that she is now in a new and a better place. We suspect that maybe she was abused in her previous household that she needs time to adjust and register the new environment she is in. Lately Isabelle would come to us and sit on our lap so that she could be given the well deserved attention for being a very good girl.

To all our kids, we have only our love to give. We Love You Dearly...

Abah & Ayah

More pictures of Hercules's and Isabelle's first day at home HERE.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ateh & Abun

Ateh @ Puteh (means 'White' in Malay) and Abun belongs to a dear friend Afni. Look at Ateh's killer pose in the box. According to Afni he will remain in that position for hours and often only wakes up the following morninf. If you want to know how our friend Afni looks like, just look at Abun.. heheheh :-)

Thanks Afni for the lovely photos and the permission to post them here.

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