Pets play a big role in our lives and they should be loved and cherished. Pet owners are filled with so much joy from all their rendezvous with their adorable pets and even regard them as their 'darling daughter' or 'son'! So do we. This blog is all about our darling little paws; Gabrielle, Isabelle, Hercules, Alexander, Victoria The 2nd,Napoleon, Ms. Constantine, Jerry and the late Sidney, Troy and Victoria The 1st...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

After The Sink It Was The Dustbin

Remember my post on Gabby missing - where later on we found her in the sink taking a hot bath? A couple of days ago when Abah had to work late Gabby didn't go missing but we found her in another state of 'relaxing pose'. Ahaks! Here we present you The Quees of The Dustbin.

Gabby rummaged herself into the blue dustbin and made herself comfortable. Look at the mess she'd left for dear Abah to clean up afterwards. Heheheh.

Abah & Ayah

Hosted by SparkleTags.comMore photos of Gabby Queen of The Dustbin HERE.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hercules on Catster!

Hercules too is now on
Hercules' ID is 354323. Do visit him on Catster and leave him some treats!

Hosted by SparkleTags.comAbah & Ayah

Isabelle on Catster!

Isabelle too is on!
Visit Isabelle and do leave her some treats! Isabelle's catster ID is 354348.

Abah & Ayah

Troy on Catster!

Visit Troy on and leave him some treats!
Troy's ID is 342331 on Catster!

Hosted by SparkleTags.comAbah & Ayah

Gabrielle on Catster!

Visit Gabrielle on and do leave her some treats!
Gabby's ID is 353727 on Catster.

Hosted by SparkleTags.comAbah & Ayah

Sidney on Catster!

Yes, although Sid has left us, he is now on
Sid's ID is 354364 on catster. Do pay him a visit and leave him some treat!

Hosted by SparkleTags.comAbah & Ayah

Friday, July 21, 2006

Troy's New Craze - Our Ears

Recently Troy has developed a new habit, a craze is more like it. It started when Ayah was on MC and stayed at home. Troy started to sniff around Ayah's neck and finally stops at his right ear. Sid used to nibble on our ears but not to the extend of sucking.

We've seen Troy sucking Gabby's nipples for milk but our ears? Since that, Troy is addicted to this ear sucking thing and demands one of us for the ritual everyday! He would suck on our earlobes and purr until he sleeps.

What excites us most the the bond that Troy is probably trying to build with us. And only God knows how much it tickles to have him purr right into our ears. This habit is now a ritual. We sometimes would just surrender our earlobes for our son to fall asleep.

That's our baby (not so baby anymore Troy!) boy!

Abah & Ayah

See pictures of Troy sucking Abah's ears HERE.
See pictures of Troy sucking Ayah's ears HERE.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Gabby Missing! ...Again!

Gabby must’ve wanted some time on her own. Since Troy is sticking like glue to her nipples and now with Hercules around, he has started snooping around Gabby’s milk machine, we guess Gabby needed a break.

We realized Gabby missing (Just for the note – Gabby managed to escape on her second day at home) for a considerably long time. She would usually hang around the hall while we’re watching TV or play with Troy the least.

She was nowhere to be seen on the dining table sleeping on Ayah’s Nike shoe bag. (That’s her favourite spot, although Mak Long was pretty nasty when she saw Gabby on the dining table). We started to panic – not again! When Gabby escaped on her second day, we had the scare of our lives and finally after Abah went up and down looking for her and pasting notes all over the apartment building, she was found at the front door by a neighbour.

Finally Ayah found Gabby in the master bedroom toilet. Ah ha! She must have needed a good bath cause that was the first time we saw her in the sink! She must’ve thought it was a bath tub having a good ole bubbly bath!

Heheh that’s our cute little daughter!

Abah & Ayah

More photos of Gabby in the sink Here

Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekly visit to PAWS

As usual, once a week we will be at PAWS to spend time with the cats. Spending time here means stroking, talking (heheheh) playing and sometimes grooming the cats - usually we would be spending between 30 minutes to 1 hour playing and stroking the cats.

Our last visit to PAWS was on July 7th. Unlike previous weeks, there were not many cats in the cages. Most we saw the last week were not around, hope they were already adopted and gotten themselves a nice and happy home.

We would like very much to become regular volunteer and do more than just spending time and playing with the cats, but because time is limited we decided to go there once a week. At least the cats who are still there could socialize with human beings while waiting to be adopted. It is very important for cats to be able to socialize with humans so that they can easily adjust themselves to the new environment or home once adopted.

Of course, with the cats, we call ourselves Abah and Ayah. Some of them have grown attached to us and they could recognize us. To us, the cats are all our children, only that they couldn't stay with us. We wish we could bring them home but unfortunately space is very limited.

Dear readers,
If you have time, do visit PAWS at subang (click HERE to visit their site). They have both cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds. Hopefully you will adopt one and bring him or her to your happy home.

See more pictures of cats at PAWS as of July 7, 2006 on my Fotopages site

Friday, July 07, 2006

Isabelle: The ARISTOCAT!

Remember in my previous entry I mentioned that Sherrina of IPR wanted to give us her sister’s orange cat named Tigger? In the midst of deciding whether it would be ethical to take someone’s cat away even though the owner was willing, we met Isabelle. So we decided not to adopt Tigger. We could imagine how it would be if someone were to take one of our kids away.

Isabelle was one of the cats for giveaways organized by the IPR at Plaza Damas last Saturday. She was adopted on the same day we adopted Hercules. At first it was quite a task identifying whether Isabelle was a male or female cat. Many times we spent checking Isabelle’s wee wee machine – it was a perplexing time for both Ayah and me trying to locate her balls – what seems to look like balls was actually a fluffy part of her pubic area… ekekekek. We even had a name ready IF Isabelle was really a boy – Alexander!

Isabelle likes to be touched most of the time. She would come for us to touch her and if ever we stop – beware of what’s coming – she would hold out her hand and touch us back (perhaps to remind us that she’s still there and waiting).

What’s always making me laugh is that Isabelle reminds us of the Chinese lucky waving cat – the one they put in their business premises to attract customers. Isabelle has this serious look on her face and likes to stare – the brown fur under her chin makes her face curvy – exactly like the Chinese lucky cat. Moreover Isabelle could sit at a spot for the longest time you could imagine, and not move an inch.

There's something about Isabelle that says she is not the common female - she has the flair, the charisma of an aristrocrat. She never really mixes around - rather independent and could live, eat, sleep and play (never really saw her play before) on her own. That's why we call her an ARISTOCAT!

Whatever it is we hope both Hercules and Isabelle like their new home and enjoy the company of Gabby and Troy. Too bad Sidney isn’t here to be with them.

Abah & Ayah

Hercules: A Dream Comes True

Remember Troy @ PAWS? Well, this is not only about adopting and helping to re-home a kitten but also about a dream coming true. Ever since Troy Snr, we had never really overcome the longing to become daddies to a big black cat. Let’s say this is the first step to making the dream a reality.

Hercules, formerly named ‘Tina’ by the IPRs is the 3rd addition to the family. A very young kitten approximately 2 months old, Hercules, a hero to Abah and Ayah proves an awaited brother for Troy Junior. Hercules is independent and as playful as Troy is. They would run around the house, chasing each other, jumping on each other – just playful and adorable.

I wonder why the IPRs named Hercules ‘Tina’? That’s a girl’s name. Perhaps it’s the cute little feminine look he has. Hercules, I think is a confirmed mix Persian. He has quite long black hair and unlike Troy Snr who has a pair of yellow eyes, Hercules is proud of a pair of sky blue eyes.

Gabby welcomed Hercules and lets him nibble on her nipple. She sometimes is seen licking Hercules like she does with Troy. Hercules is rather noisy, I wonder how he will turn out when he’s older– hope he won’t be making too much noise and annoys the neighbors. For sure, the young lad will grow to become strong and macho like his name suggests, and hopefully as huge as Troy Snr too!

Abah & Ayah

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Two More??!!!

We're pretty sure some people would say "Two More??!!!" to this news.

Yes, two more instant children in our household. Ahahahah it all started when Ayah saw a kitten called 'Tina' in the IPRs blog. After asking Sherrina she confirmed that 'Tina' was still available and asked us to visit Plaza Damas on Saturday July 1st. (See Tina in the picture)

Earlier in the week Sherrina had offered us 'Tigger', her sister's orange cat whom I had seriously enquired about when adopting Troy. Somehow I couldn't bear thinking that I would be seperating the cat from Sherrina's sister. I surely wouldn't want to be seperated from my kids.

And yes, I said TWO MORE but the second one isn't Tigger. Hehehehe.

At the IPR giveaway in Plaza Damas we met Kokila, Karen of IPR and got to meet new friends, Uncle Hanafi and Ilya of the Pets People, a pet shop there. Thank you guys for the discount. We first saw 'Graphite' - she was maginificently pretty, a rare grey coloured female (See Graphite in the picture). Unfortunately she was a bit fierce so we worried about taking her home. Suddenly Ayah saw another cat and fell in love with...

I will introduce the two kids in my next post. But again, thank you Sherrina for the two lovely cats you fostered.

So now the total is FOUR. Hehehehe...

Abah & Ayah

A Week Without Sidney

Today marks the 1st week Sidney had left us. The memories are still fresh, the visions are still here. I would cry everytime I start to think of him .

I am suddenly reminded of how much I miss Sidney biting my ears. He would do that especially in the morning trying to wake us up. The biting wasn't really using his teeth but his lips. It was more of a nibble than bite. Sid would nibble our ears until we move as the nibbling was really ticklish.

Another thing i remember about Sid was his inability to control his claws. His claws would be caught in anything he touches - especially clothings, bed sheets, table cloths.

As i've many times mentioned, Sid was an obidient son. It was very easy for us to feed him his conditioning vitamins and somehow difficult with Gabby and Troy. We would have to only put the vitamins on our palms and Sid would come and chew it off. When Sid was sick, administering tablets were easy too.

A few days back Ayah had put Sidney's collar in the car. He hang it at the signal lever. When asked why, he said "so that Sid would be with us wherever we go". How sweet and I'm very sure Sidney will be looking after his two daddies from up above. The Heaven. :-)

Abah & Ayah

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sidney in Memory

The name Sid came from the character Sid in Ice Age 2. Ayah suggested to name our first 'child' after the playful character in the animation and true enough, like the character, Sid was playful, jovial and of course, funny.

Actually, the character 'Scrat' in the same animation would have better described Sid. Only because Sid was a nicer name, we opted and used that, and yes, of course, because of the pair of round eyes, we chose the name Sid instead if Scrat.

If you've seen Ice Age 2, like Scrat searching for his acorn, Sid would jump around and about when he saw Ayah's hands or feet under the comforter. He would bite his might and when the hands or feet moved, Sid would playfully jump and try to capture the moving 'monster' under the comforter.

Sid liked to play with anything that moved. Apart from the 'monster under the comforter' game with Ayah, Sid enjoyed playing with strips of newspaper attached to the end of a 'penyapu lidi'. He would jump, run around, stand on his two hind legs to get his hands on the strip of newspaper. Once he got it, it was more hillarious!

Above all funny things Sid did. the funniest was when Sid fell off Abah's bed in Melawati. Remembering the look on his face will always make me smile and thank God for blessing us with Sidney. As a matter of fact that was the last time we saw Sid in his pinkiest of health.

Losing Sid is a traumatizing experience. Seeing him abruptly weakened was a heart breaking experience. However Sidney, having you in our household was the best experience we could ever have. Every moment with you was sweet. Every while spent was worth the effort and time put.

We could sometimes still imagine you in the house. Your presence will always be felt Sidney. Only God knows how much we love you. How we wish to still be able to touch you and see you play...

Abah & Ayah.

Gabby's & Troy's Sleeping Habit

After what seems to Abah and Ayah as an endless playing, Gabby and Troy retires. Something odd about the children; their sleeping habit. I guess (witnessed during weekends and when we're not working) they sleep most of the daytime - but as expected in cats generally, they should be awake the whole night. However, when we arrive home from work, Gabby and Troy would play a little while beofre dozing off until about eleven to midnight. That point onwards, the two will start running around the house, jumping on us while we're sleeping.

Troy especially, would jump on and around Abah's bed, stepping and jumping over Abah's head. (No pun intended) What is for sure, scrathes on our bodies when we wake up the next morning. Gabby prefers to sleep at the end of the bed on the comforter (that's my girl, she knows and chooses only the best for herself) while Troy likes to sleep near Abah's chest (sometimes on the pillow, near Abah's ears)

Troy would be waking me up early and Gabby would anxiously wait near the bed for Abah's alarm to go off. They perfectly know the Nokia's Cuckkoo sound - an indication their breakfast is going ot be served soon and that their poo poo and wee wee (litter) pans are going to get cleaned.

Such intelligent kids!

Abah & Ayah

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