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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Abah Writing from the Hospital.

I am writing from the hospital bed on the 6th night being away from my kids at home. I really miss Isabelle, Gabbrielle, Victoria, Hercules, Alexander, Napoleon and Constantine. Since I’ve only got my hands on the laptop today after Ayah sent it to me at the hospital (Thanks Ayah) I waited no longer to express my longing for the cute little paws.

Dear Ayah,

thanks very much for taking care of the furballs while I am gone. I owe you. I trust you with the kids as I know how much you really love them. I also know that no matter what happens to me, no matter when, be it now, tomorrow, sooner or later, I can depend on you to take very good care of the kids. Do love and care for them. They need you and they know they can rely on you no matter what. I rather them to be in your care than anyone else’s.

Dear Kids,

Behave and look after each other. Don't bully Ayah OK? I hope you haven’t forgotten me after I’m gone for this long 'vacation' in the hospital. I am not sure how long more I’ll be gone but I assure you guys I am, and will be okay and up and running soon. I’ve dreamt of all of you at home just this morning and I have been trying to recall the dream over and over again because I miss you all dearly. Thanks to Ayah who keeps sending me photos of you playing at home, you guys surely look like you’re very naughty and bullying Ayah ya? And thank you for the lovely card with your paw prints on it - they're really sweet.

If you didn’t realize, I was not well during Aidilfitri when Ayah was away at his hometime. I’m sure you could see me locking myself in the room and not playing with you outside. I am really sorry as that was not my intention. I tried my best to take care of your needs until Ayah gets back. Especially sorry to Hercules and Constantine for not going out to buy your fresh milk. I could see it in your eyes how you wanted it whenever I am out of the room for a glass of water – sorry dear but I wasn’t able to drive.

Thank God that I am OK now, although not fully recovered but miraculously with two recent cerebellar stroke attacks I am still able to move my hands. I am sure God has His reasons to still allow me to stroke you and take care of all of you. I promise I will do just that till my last breath.

I can’t wait to be back for us to be a family again. I want to spend hours and hours with you kids. How I miss your purring, you massage when I need one, and of course, the tender loving and care you provide. I just wished they’d allow you in here so that Ayah could bring all of you to visit me but how unfortunate that is impossible,

I am counting days to be home so that we could be reunited as a family once more. Do wait for me kids and most important of all, do not forget me as I will never forget all of you; Isabelle, Gabrielle, Victoria, Hercules, Alexander, Napoleon and Constantine.

I love you all dearly.

Missing you guys at home,

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