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Thursday, March 08, 2007

How to Give your Cat a Massage.

CAT MASSAGE is good therapy for both of you - you and your cat will find it soothing. Touching your cat also brings you both closer together. Touching brings down the blood pressure and increases circulation. Massaging is also a good way to find any skin or hair problems, or even a lump while it is still very small and fixable. And, by the time you are through with the free instructions below, you can make any cat a friend for life!

To give a cat a massage:

  • Scratch behind his ear and you will have his undivided attention.
  • Rub the entire ear - even a little stroking on the inside of the tip.
  • Scratch the top of this head (between his ears).
  • Go on to his other ear.
  • Scratch the side of his face, below his whiskers.
  • Scratch under his chin.
  • Scratch the other side of his face.
  • (Even a cat you just met is now melting under your touch!)
  • Scratch his ears again, just a little.
  • Scratch the top of his head.
  • In a continuous and fluid motion, stroke from the top of his head
  • down his entire back.
  • Stroke down his back only - several times - with your hand wide open to span
  • across his entire back.
  • Stroke down his entire back and down the top of his tail - several times.
  • Stroke his entire tail (with your hand all the way around it) several times.
  • He is butter in your hands!
  • If he lays down, offering himself to you completely, take one leg at a time and stroke it from shoulder to paw. Stroke each leg several times.
  • Stroke anywhere else he will allow except his tummy, as this is usually seen as an invitation to play (undoing the calming effect of the massage).

You have made a friend for life!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Alexander a.k.a Stuart Little

See the resemblance? Say no more...

The Many (ugly) Faces of Hercules

Ahahaha yes he WAS ugly then.. here are some photos of my son Hercules when we adopted him on 1st of July 2006 (2 months old).

As he grew older, he got better looking somehow...

And here's his latest photo (7 months after adoption)...

VERY HANDSOME LIAO! (from a very proud father!)

Monday, March 05, 2007

I Wonder II...

Why do cats like to sleep in this position?

Friday, March 02, 2007

I Wonder...

I just wonder what exactly attracts them to the sink...

...and the dustbin!

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