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Monday, April 10, 2006

New Member in the Family

Hello there..

Last week was the greatest of all. Adopted a cat from SPCA, called Sid (name taken from the character in Ice Age and Ice Age 2). Six months old Sid joined the family. He's damn cute. Kinda makes me feel happy everytime with him. The best thing is, Sid will stay at home while we went to work. At first, I thought that it's dangerous to leave your pet unattended at home. He doesn't like to be kept in the cage. But when I got back, everything is ok. He will be there to wait for my return. He's the greatest. Sooo manja la.. Hehehhe..

Anyway, got a few photos of Sid. Just can't stop looking at him. It's a great relief to just look at his cute face and all my problems fade away.. You might never know that cats can really help release your stress. I love cats! Hehehe.. And I love u very much 'SAYANG'.... Muahs! Muahs! Muahs! Muahs!

By: Ayah from his blog

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