Pets play a big role in our lives and they should be loved and cherished. Pet owners are filled with so much joy from all their rendezvous with their adorable pets and even regard them as their 'darling daughter' or 'son'! So do we. This blog is all about our darling little paws; Gabrielle, Isabelle, Hercules, Alexander, Victoria The 2nd,Napoleon, Ms. Constantine, Jerry and the late Sidney, Troy and Victoria The 1st...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Napoleon's Favourite Sleeping Position

Napoleon has only recently developed this habit of sleeping in this position. I just don't know and couldn't find the answer to why cats like to sleep in this position. At first I thought it was only the males who sleep like this but I remember also seeing Gabby in the exact same position.

But whatever it is they surely look very cute and adorable sleeping will all four legs up in the air, especially my fatty Napoleon here. And he loves it when we stroke his tummy while he's lying on his back. Heheheh.


Abah & Ayah

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cute Constantine

Cute Constantine, originally uploaded by Syahr-El.

Even though Constantine is the youngest of all, he is indeed the KING of the house. Being the youngest and most playful he is truly everybody's love. At about 5 months old now, Constantine has grown to be a healthy boy waiting to ripen so that Abah and Ayah can send him for neutering. Remember our post on his arrival 5 months ago? He is now handsome with fluffy fur.

Constantine is the central attraction of his brothers Hercules. Alexander and Napoleon. He would, with them run around the house chasing God knows what (sometimes insects like I mentioned in my previous post) but most of the time just pleasure running and destructing whatever comes in between their way.

He dislikes being lifted but enjoys sitting either beside Abah or Ayah when we're watching TV sitting on the sofa. Well, we hope Constantine will grow up to be healthy, furry and most importantly friendly...

Abah & Ayah

Monday, November 12, 2007

An Update on Isabelle

Of all the children, Isabelle is the most well behaved child. She's not vocal, she's mostly alone and minding her own business. She has never been seen running around when her brothers and sisters are going frantic over a moth or anything that flies around the house (we live on a hill and nearby a jungle, so they're freaky looking insects flying around sometimes resulting to the house being sadistically turned around and about leaving trails of iams kibbles around and knocking off whatever furniture that comes in between their way) but Isabelle never bothers to even barge from her favorite napping places (yes places - many) even if there's a tornado coming, she would still be lying there lazy. The only time she's seen excited is when the time comes for Ayah to feed them canned food (once a day in the evening). This is when you'd see her eyes glow with excitement and sometimes her meows can be heard. Remember the entry I wrote on Isabelle being anti-social? Perhaps it is true after all. Or maybe she is just plain lazy? Hehehe...Here's a latest picture of Isabelle.

Abah & Ayah

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pets as Family Members

Another article from Pets Corner

For many people owning a pet is not just a hobby. Today, many pet owners regard their pets as part of the family. In Malaysia, some pet owners go to great lengths in caring for their pets, but then there are still a handful of owners who discard their kittens, abandon puppies and leave them in dump sites to fend for themselves at merely a day old! A few days ago we read in The Star, about the plight of some kittens and how they were saved by a very kind hearted lady. When will people stop abandoning their animals?

Being responsible for our pets by spaying or neutering them is the best way to prevent over breeding or overpopulation of cats and dogs. Every year many companion animals end up in shelters and some of them are euthanised due to sickness and space constraint.

A responsible pet owner is someone who loves his pet unconditionally and does anything and everything necessary to keep his pet happy and healthy. Responsible pet owners provide for the basic needs of their pet (food, water, grooming, medical care, etc). and lavish love and attention on them.

They protect the health, safety and happiness of their pet, as well as that of their neighbors and their community.

Responsible owners train their pets wherever possible and prevent their pets from roaming since pets face many dangers (cars, other animals and disease) and may cause problems such as biting, breeding and destroying property. Responsible pet owners keep their pets inside or control their pets with a fence, a run or a leash at all times. If their pet is ever lost, a permanent identification tattoo, tag or microchip will help them return home quickly and safely. You should also keep a current photo and current record of your dog's age, weight, height and markings. The decision to buy a pet is a big one and the commitment to care for a pet properly is even bigger. Before you buy or adopt a pet you must be 110% ready to honor that commitment and responsibility for your pet's entire life.

The vaccinations and visit to the veterinarian must not be overlooked either. Dogs and cats are susceptible to heart worms, and internal parasites such as intestinal roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. For your information heart worms are carried by mosquitoes, and this disease can be fatal. Your veterinarian will recommend a prevention program for your pet. Don't forget the external parasites too such as fleas and ticks.

A survey carried out in the United States showed that a majority of American households (57% have dogs, cats or both pets in residence, but virtually everyone-more than nine in ten –considers his or her pet a member of the family. Here's some other interesting facts about pet ownership in the U.S.

1. Americans spend about $5 billion on holiday presents for their furry friends.

2. 63% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners surveyed said they give their pets presents at Christmas.

3. 40% of dog owners and 37% of cat owners hang Christmas stockings for their pets.

4. 36% of dog owners give their pets presents on their birthday, as do 20% of cat owners.

5. About one-fourth of dog owners (27%) and cat owners (23%) sign their pet's name on greeting cards or notes.

6. 64% of surveyed pet owners said they include news about their pet, and 36% include a photograph in their holiday cards.

7. About 27% of pet owners claim to have taken their pet to a professional photographer to have a picture taken with family, Santa Claus or the Easter bunny.

8. About one-third (37%) of dog owners and a similar proportion of cat owners (31% have their pet's picture prominently displayed in their homes, and 14 and 10% respectively, display it at their place of work.

9. About 10% of dog and cat owners carry their pet's picture in their wallet or purse.

10. In about 20% of households containing a dog or cat, the owner leaves the TV, radio or stereo on when the animal is left alone, presumably so it won't become lonely.

11. 16% of dog owners and 14% of cat owners claim to have bought a car or home with a pet in mind.

12. In 70% of feline households, cats are allowed to lie on the furniture. In 40% of canine households, dogs are allowed to do so.

13. In 65% of cat-owning households, cats are permitted to sleep at night on some family member's bed vs. 39% of dogs.

14. 45% of pet owners set up a special bed for their pet in the house.

15. In 75% of the nation's dog-owning households, the dog is treated to rides in the family car vs 38% of households with cats.

16. In one-third (34%) of households surveyed, the dog goes along on family vacations, whereas only 11% of respondents take the cat along.

17. 25% of the pet owners surveyed said they blow dry their pet's hair after a bath.

18. When a pet dies, 58% of pet owners bury the pet on their property.

19. Almost half of the pet owners surveyed admit they sometimes talk to their pet. And 80% of those people stated that on those occasions, the animal seemed to respond by means of sounds, facial expressions or body language.

(The above survey was extracted from the American Humane Association.)

It is good that this trend is gradually catching up in Malaysia. However, about 80 % of pet owners still feed their pets table scraps eg. leftovers, bones, and even raw meat! Feeding unbalanced food is detrimental to a pet's health as even pets need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Many pet owners here are still unaware of the health related issues and preventive care programs such as vaccinations and annual check ups for their pets. All those who have acquired a new puppy or kitten should take their pet for an examination to the nearest veterinary clinic to ensure the health and safety of the pet.

We hope people's attitude will change and pets are looked after with as much love and care as possible. After all, for all the love they shower upon us, they certainly deserve much more.

Let us all work towards a more responsible and animal loving society for the benefit of all our feline and canine companions who share our world.

Abah says:

Believe me, animals make better children than real kids hehehehe, only if you understand that they are just animals and lower your expectations on their achievements. Even so, they can be trained like my cute little paws and they will surely make you a happier person.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

All About the Kids Growing Up

There is nothing much happening lately. I've been busy with work, life and relationship. Anyway, since I have the spare time at the office, just would like to update on the blog. I have been keeping myself quiet from taking photos of the kids lately. Why? Maybe it's Raya and I'm a bit occupied with my responsibilities but I've managed to capture a few photos a couple of days back. And what surprised me is that all the kids have grown healthily.. VERY HEALTHILY indeed.. Hahahaha..

Gabby is now spending more time sleeping. Seriously! You won't ever notice her playing around. She will not move from her spot and could be there sleeping for a whole day, or even two! The only time she wakes up is to eat or do her 'thingy'. Then.. back to sleeping...

Hercules, as usual will be the noisiest amongst all. But he's a very good and obedient boy. Whenever he's making noise, it means that either he's hungry or wants some attention. Usually, it will be the attention. The only way to keep him quiet (for a while, that is) is to kiss him on the forehead. That'll do it.

Alexander is turning to be a wolf! The fur on his neck is thickening. Wonder if the hormone pills that we were giving him is acting on the wrong place - his neck! The tail is still the same - hormone deprived. Hopefully he can be as hairy as his sister, Gabby soon. It would make him a very handsome boy.

Victoria is having a problem with her fur. They're shedding. We want to take her to the vet but she will have to wait for the time being. Hang in there ya gurl! BTW, this is not her latest photo as it hard to get her to pose lately. She spents most of her time under the sofa. So, it's hard to gget a glimpse of her around.

Isabelle, the usual routine.. Eat, sleep, eat, drool all over the house; sofa, wall, cushions, eat, sleep and the list goes on.. Hehehehe.. That's our Isabelle.

Napoleon... Hmmm.. What can I say. He's sooo fat now.. Abah's calling him "Fatty".. Hehehe.. Don't blame him la.. He likes to eat. From a stray cat, we'd never thought he could be so fat but lovable and manja guy. Oh, and he will not allow us to go out everytime. He will block the door and refuse to barge. Hahahaha... Very clever fatty bom bom!

And lastly, Constantine... OMG, this guy is sooo berlagak and garang (stuck up and fierce). He never likes people to lift or cuddle with him. He will growl and retaliate. A gangster in the making. But, he grows up very well. Hehehe.. And lately, we notice that he likes to sleep with his big bro, Hercules. Way to go Hercules!

So there they are, seven wonderful kids we have at home. May they be healthy and happy always.

Ayah from his blog.

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