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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Victoria II: If I Were Scooby

Photo taken using Ayah's new Sony Erricson K800i

Hehehe Gabby oh Gabby!

A candid shot of our duaghter Gabrielle @ Gabby.

Abah & Ayah

Welcoming Napoleon

Napoleon is a very friendly cat adopted from Ayah's hometown in Section 4, Shah Alam. We asked the owner's permission to adopt him, transforming him from an outdoor to an indoor cat. The owner agreed as she knows we love cats very much.

So Napoleon is the youngest of the 5 remaining children we have. He is nick named 'Adik' or sometimes Abah would playfully call him 'Shah Alam Boy'. The boy is about 5 months old.

At first we had a tough time toilet training him - never before had any of our children 'poo-pooed' around the house but in the litter pan. Napoleon truly had problem adjusting but we patiently trained him by putting him in the cage when we're not at home.

After two weeks, wah lah, he's been accepted by the rest of the kids and he now knows where to do his job.

Napoleon is so manja, he would follow us wherever we go and he would definitely lie and massage us whenever we're resting or watching tv.

We glad that Napoleon is able to blnd himself and now plays aggressively with his brothers, Hercules and Alexander.

Abah: The total now is 6 and i don't really mind if the number increases but space factor would have to stop us from taking in more kids in the future - We're really one big happy family!

Abah & Ayah

More photos of Napoleon HERE.

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