Pets play a big role in our lives and they should be loved and cherished. Pet owners are filled with so much joy from all their rendezvous with their adorable pets and even regard them as their 'darling daughter' or 'son'! So do we. This blog is all about our darling little paws; Gabrielle, Isabelle, Hercules, Alexander, Victoria The 2nd,Napoleon, Ms. Constantine, Jerry and the late Sidney, Troy and Victoria The 1st...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tongue Twister, Vicky?

I dunno why cats like to stick their tongue out. Amongst my children, Hercules and Gabrielle seems to have this very peculiar habit, but unfortunately Victoria was the one caught red handed.

p/s After visiting other cat blogs, this isn't anything peculiar at all - i suppose it's just something these lovely creatures do. Hehehe...

Love always,
Abah & Ayah

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cutie Paw's been Tagged!

Katz Tales tagged us with the following challenge: Tell 7 special things about Hercules.

1. I love fresh milk very much.

2. I was adopted from the Independent Pet Rescuers @ Hartamas Shopping Center on July 1st, 2006 when I was only 2 months old - Thanks to Auntie Sherrina of IPR for fostering me.

3. I was adopted on the same day as sis Isabelle, also from the IPR.

3. I love my fathers very much. I would be the first to greet Abah and Ayah when they return from work EVERYDAY by standing on my two hind legs and giving them a 'Hello' pat with my two paws as a sign of affection.

4. I love my fathers very much. I would be the last to send Abah and Ayah off to work EVERYDAY.

5. EVERY MORNING, I never miss accompanying Abah clean our room. I love seeing him scrub our poo-poo scoop after cleaning our litter pan.

6. I have a large pair of pointed ears ever since i was a kid. My ears grew even before I did and I sometimes think I look like Mr Spock in Star Trek, because of these ears.

7. I am proud to be the only one allowed to sit on the table when Abah and Ayah are having meals.

Thanks Katz Tales for the challenge!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hercules: I didn't do it Abah...

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